Bizfile is an online portal or platform provided by the Singapore government agency, The Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA), for businesses to access various services related to business registration, compliance, and corporate governance.

Key features and services typically available on Bizfile include:

  1. Business Registration: Businesses can register new companies, partnerships, or sole proprietorships online through the Bizfile portal. This includes reserving a company name, submitting incorporation documents, and obtaining a business registration number.

  2. Annual Filing: Companies are required to file annual returns and financial statements with the relevant authorities. Bizfile provides a platform for companies to submit these filings electronically, including updates to company particulars and financial information.

  3. Company Search and Information Retrieval: Users can search for information about registered companies, including company names, registration numbers, directors, shareholders, and financial status. This service allows businesses and individuals to verify the status and details of companies they are dealing with.

  4. Application for Licenses and Permits: Some regulatory licenses and permits may be required for certain types of businesses. Bizfile facilitates the application and renewal process for these licenses, such as business licenses, permits for specific activities, or regulatory approvals.

  5. Filing of Changes in Company Details: Companies can use Bizfile to update or amend their registered details, such as changes in company name, registered address, directors, or shareholders. This ensures that the company’s information remains accurate and up to date.

  6. Payment Services: Bizfile typically provides online payment facilities for transactions and services offered through the platform. Users can make payments for registration fees, filing fees, and other government charges electronically.