The Business Grants Portal is an online platform provided by Singapore government agencies to facilitate access to various grants and funding opportunities available to businesses. These grants are often aimed at supporting businesses in areas such as innovation, research and development, technology adoption, sustainability, internationalization, and workforce development.

Key features and services typically offered on a Business Grants Portal include:

  1. Grant Search and Information: Users can search and browse through available grants and funding programs tailored to specific industries, business sizes, and project objectives. Detailed information about each grant, including eligibility criteria, funding amounts, application deadlines, and required documentation, is provided to help businesses make informed decisions.

  2. Application Process: The portal streamlines the grant application process, allowing businesses to submit their applications online. This may involve creating an account, completing an application form, uploading supporting documents, and providing relevant project details.

  3. Application Tracking and Status Updates: Businesses can track the status of their grant applications through the portal, including updates on the review process, requests for additional information, and final decisions. This transparency helps businesses stay informed about the progress of their applications.

  4. Notifications and Alerts: The portal may provide notifications and alerts about new grant opportunities, upcoming deadlines, and changes to existing programs. This ensures that businesses are aware of relevant funding opportunities and can take timely action.

  5. Support and Guidance: Businesses may access resources, guidelines, and FAQs on the portal to assist them in understanding the grant application process, eligibility requirements, and compliance obligations. Some portals may also offer help desks or support services to address specific queries or concerns.

  6. Reporting and Compliance: Successful grant recipients are typically required to fulfil reporting obligations to demonstrate the use of funds and the achievement of project outcomes. The portal may provide tools and templates for submitting progress reports, financial statements, and other documentation required for compliance purposes.