A dividend voucher is a document issued by a company to its shareholders to provide formal notification of the dividend payment they are entitled to receive. It is evidence that the shareholder is entitled to the declared dividend and typically includes important information about the dividend payment.

Key elements typically found on a dividend voucher include:

Company Information: The name and registered address of the company issuing the dividend voucher.

Shareholder Information: The name and address of the shareholder receiving the dividend, and their shareholder reference number or other identification details.

Dividend Declaration Details: Information about the dividend payment, including the amount of the dividend per share, the total dividend payment amount, the dividend payment date, and the currency in which the dividend is paid.

Tax Information: Depending on the jurisdiction and the tax status of the dividend, the voucher may include information about any tax withholding or deductions applied to the dividend payment.

Declaration Date: The date when the company’s board of directors declared the dividend.

Signature: The dividend voucher may be signed by an authorised representative of the company, such as a director or company secretary, to certify its authenticity.