The EntrePass is a type of work pass issued by the Singaporean government specifically designed for foreign entrepreneurs who wish to start and operate a business in Singapore. It is administered by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) in Singapore. The EntrePass is tailored to attract foreign talent and encourage the establishment of innovative and high-growth potential businesses in Singapore.

To be eligible for an EntrePass, applicants typically need to fulfil certain criteria, which may include demonstrating a viable business plan, possessing relevant entrepreneurial experience, having a track record of successful business ventures, securing funding from accredited investors, and providing evidence of the potential to contribute to Singapore’s economy. Successful applicants are usually granted a one-year pass initially, with the possibility of renewal depending on the progress of their business.

The EntrePass program is part of Singapore’s broader efforts to foster entrepreneurship, innovation, and economic growth by attracting foreign talent and facilitating the establishment and growth of businesses in the country.