The Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) is the main tax authority in Singapore responsible for administering and enforcing tax laws and regulations. It is a statutory board under the Ministry of Finance of Singapore. IRAS manages various types of taxes, including income tax, goods and services tax (GST), property tax, stamp duties, and customs and excise duties.

Key functions and responsibilities of IRAS include:

Tax Administration: IRAS administers and collects taxes from individuals, businesses, and other entities. This includes assessing and collecting income tax from individuals and companies and administering taxes such as GST, property tax, stamp duties, and customs and excise duties.

Tax Policy and Legislation: IRAS helps formulate tax policies and advises the government on tax matters. It also plays a role in drafting tax legislation and regulations to ensure compliance with tax laws and promote a fair and efficient tax system.

Taxpayer Education and Assistance: IRAS provides taxpayer education and outreach programs to help individuals and businesses understand their tax obligations, rights, and benefits. It offers guidance, resources, and assistance to taxpayers to facilitate compliance with tax laws and regulations.

Enforcement and Compliance: IRAS enforces tax laws and regulations to ensure compliance by taxpayers. This includes conducting audits, investigations, and compliance checks to verify the accuracy and completeness of tax filings and to detect and deter tax evasion and fraud.

International Taxation: IRAS is involved in international tax matters, including tax treaties, transfer pricing, and exchange of tax information with other jurisdictions. It works to ensure that Singapore’s tax policies and practices are consistent with international standards and best practices.