The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) is a government agency in Singapore responsible for overseeing various aspects of labour, workforce development, and workplace safety. Its primary mission is to promote productive and inclusive workforce practices to enhance Singapore’s competitiveness and economic growth while ensuring fair and safe working conditions for all.

Key responsibilities of the Ministry of Manpower include:

Labour Relations: MOM oversees labour relations in Singapore, including labour policies, employment laws, and regulations. It works to maintain a fair and balanced employment environment, address labour disputes, and promote harmonious industrial relations between employers and employees.

Workforce Development: MOM plays a central role in enhancing the skills, productivity, and employability of Singapore’s workforce. This includes implementing training and skills development programs, promoting lifelong learning, and supporting career advancement opportunities for workers.

Foreign Manpower Management: MOM manages the entry, employment, and regulation of foreign workers in Singapore. It sets policies and regulations related to work permits, employment passes, and foreign worker quotas to ensure that the inflow of foreign manpower complements the local workforce and meets the needs of the economy.

Workplace Safety and Health: MOM promotes and enforces workplace safety and health standards. It conducts inspections, provides guidance on safety practices, and implements regulations to prevent workplace accidents and occupational hazards. MOM also investigates workplace accidents and ensures that employers comply with safety regulations.

Employment Standards and Welfare: MOM sets and enforces standards related to employment conditions, such as working hours, rest days, and leave entitlements. It also oversees the administration of various employment-related schemes, including retirement savings (Central Provident Fund), employment insurance (Work Injury Compensation), and employment rights protection.