An offshore company is a legal entity incorporated or registered in a jurisdiction outside of the company owners’ home country. These jurisdictions, commonly known as offshore financial centres, offer favourable regulatory and tax environments for businesses.

Offshore companies are often established for various reasons, including:

Tax Planning: Offshore jurisdictions may offer lower or zero corporate taxes, tax incentives such as exemptions or reduced reporting requirements. Companies may use offshore structures to minimize their tax liabilities legally.

Asset Protection: Offshore companies can provide a layer of confidentiality and asset protection, shielding assets from legal claims, creditors, or other risks.

Privacy: Offshore jurisdictions may offer greater privacy and confidentiality compared to the company owners’ home countries, allowing businesses to operate with increased discretion.

International Business: Offshore companies can facilitate international trade and investments by providing access to global markets, banking services, and legal frameworks.

Estate Planning: Offshore companies can be used in estate planning strategies to manage wealth and inheritance matters across different jurisdictions.