The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) is Singapore’s national urban planning and development authority. Established in 1974, the URA is responsible for planning and regulating land use, urban development, and conservation efforts in Singapore to ensure sustainable growth and the creation of a vibrant and livable city.

Key responsibilities and functions of the Urban Redevelopment Authority include:

Urban Planning and Development: The URA develops long-term strategic plans, policies, and guidelines to guide the physical development of Singapore. This includes land use planning, zoning regulations, infrastructure development, and urban design initiatives to create attractive, functional, and sustainable urban environments.

Land Use Management: The URA oversees the allocation and management of land resources in Singapore, including the sale and lease of state land, land reclamation projects, and the implementation of land use policies to support economic development, housing needs, and environmental conservation efforts.

Conservation and Heritage Preservation: The URA is responsible for identifying, preserving, and enhancing Singapore’s built heritage, cultural landmarks, and historical districts. This includes historic buildings, monuments, and neighbourhoods, as well as the promotion of heritage tourism and public education initiatives.

Development Control and Regulation: The URA regulates development activities through planning approvals, building codes, and development control guidelines to ensure that new developments comply with urban planning objectives, environmental standards, and design quality requirements.

Urban Design and Architecture: The URA promotes high-quality urban design and architecture through design guidelines, competitions, and initiatives that enhance the visual character, functionality, and sustainability of the built environment. This includes the development of public spaces, streetscapes, and landmark projects that contribute to Singapore’s urban identity and sense of place.

Public Engagement and Stakeholder Consultation: The URA engages with the public, stakeholders, and community groups to gather feedback, solicit input, and build consensus on urban planning and development initiatives. This participatory approach ensures that planning decisions reflect the diverse needs and aspirations of Singapore’s residents and businesses.